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Xela Rederm 1,1%

Xela Rederm 1,1% фото - 1
1 ml
2 ml
  • injectable
Product code: 0033
Made in: Italy
Sales in: 34 countries
Efficiency: clinically proven
Characteristics Xela Rederm 1,1%:
  • Restores skin's natural regeneration mechanism
  • Moisturizes skin and restores its moisture balance
  • Has anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates cell migration and proliferation, activates fibroblasts and macrophages
  • Has antioxidant effect
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and improves overall skin quality
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XelaRederm – a preventive skin for skin quality improvement, influencing 3 main aging mechanisms:

1.Dehydration – Moisturizes (hyaluronic acid) 

2.Pathologic action of free radicals – Blocks free radicals (antioxidant effect of succinicacid) 

3.Violation of cellular metabolism – improves cellular energy ATP production (succinicacid “turns on” Kreb’scycle – the most efficient cellular energy ATP production mechanism).


Ingredients: water, sodium hyaluronate, sodium succinate, succinicacid.

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