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Home / News / Killers of Beauty

Killers of Beauty

16 May 2017

Wrong food? Smoking? Alcohol? Bad sleeping? Sedentary lifestyle and lack of sports loads? Something has disastrous consequences immediately, and something we will regret after years. But all of the above are only obvious signs about which we already talk and know so much. And what about the hidden enemies? We can not even think about the fact that these factors are detrimental to our beauty - but this is the real danger.

  1. Air-conditioning and heating systems

It's amazing! But many female representatives still did not even think about the dangers of these household appliances. But they can cause serious problems. Overheated air heaters in the room contributes to dehydration of the skin and the appearance of early wrinkles. Typical external signs of "dehydration": dark circles, flabby eyelids, "parchment" skin, unhealthy or grayish complexion and even low muscle tone - all this diverse range of skin problems can be related to the presence of an air conditioner or a heater in the room. Do these same "symptoms" bother you? Look around! Most likely the reason is very close. The options for fighting are fairly simple: ventilate the room, purchase air humidifiers, and use moisturizing face sprays

Killers of Beauty фото - 1

  1. Sleep in the pillow

Having stuck your face in the pillow with impunity, you can only sleep if you are 16. And with age, this habit is literally "imprinted" on the face. We can only sigh nostalgically, remembering youth, when the skin had a good turgor and quickly recovered from sleep. But every year comes the understanding that the tender skin needs meaningful support from our side. A small list of such postshn: edema, clogged pores, pronounced wrinkles and nasolabial folds. A person also needs rest. And at night, skin cells are as susceptible as possible to relaxation, as well as saturation with oxygen and nutrients from the outside. Let's not block them! Sleep can also be controlled, however paradoxical it may sound. Teach yourself to sleep on your back with a pillow-cushion (they were used by geishas not only to maintain the integrity of the hairstyle, but also for the youthfulness of the face). Buy a silk pillow case, if you still periodically fall asleep in a comfortable position. And do not forget to thoroughly iron it every week - it will kill all bacteria and microorganisms, and the skin will thank you with less redness and rashes.

  1. Do sports or sleep with make-up

Fitness center and bed - these are the two places where there is nothing to do cosmetics. This is the "natural environment" for the dwelling of your body, which means everything should be natural. Combat color is completely useless, considering that this will only lead to the withering of beauty. During the training, the blood flows intensively to the skin, opening the pores. At this time, excess fat, salt and toxins are excreted. And all that is on the surface of the skin at this moment, can score them. And in case of sleep, we repeat the second paragraph of the article: at night, the skin actively absorbs nutrients, oxygen and ... everything that lies on its surface. If there is cosmetics on the skin, the process of cutaneous respiration is broken: pores are forgotten, inflammations, dermatitis and allergic reactions appear. At best, you have a dull complexion. But it will not remain unpunished. Therefore, carefully clean and take care of the skin in the evening and during training. And you will see a completely different self.

Killers of Beauty фото - 2

  1. Applying the phone to your face 

Do you often rub your face about the handrails of public transport, or about the ATM screen, or to thousands of people that you do not even know? Our answer is every day! This is what we do when we put our favorite smartphone to the person. Every day we touch the thousands of extraneous objects with our hands, and then immediately to the phone. Not surprisingly, the phone is recognized as one of the dirtiest devices in our life. And all the bacteria that "stick" to the phone are on our face ... And then we still ask, where do we get pimples and various dermatological diseases. Often wipe your smartphone with special antibacterial napkins, wash your hands, and try to avoid touching the phone to the skin of the face. Observing these simple rules hailing from childhood, you can write your favorite messages and chat with them all day without stopping, not being afraid for beauty!

  1. Extrusion of acne

Everyone knows about this ... and still presses. This misfortune happens to all people: from small to old. The reason lies in intolerance and misunderstanding of the possible consequences. After we squeezed the pimple, many of us do not even think about antiseptics. And after all, the wound can lead to infection, and then there will be scars and scars. It's banal, but the place of the pimple, from which we "got rid" always looks worse than if the pimple there still remained. And if you do not want to earn yourself an ugly stain coming off months - keep yourself in hand. And hold hands too =)

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